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In a bronze casting of the Calais group was installed in the gardens of Parliament in London to commemorate the intervention of the English queen who had compelled her husband, King Edward, to show clemency to the heroes. About he became the lover of one of his students, Camille Claudel , the gifted sister of the poet Paul Claudel. Their attachment was deep and was pursued throughout the country.

Auguste Rodin

During the years of passion, Rodin executed sculptures of numerous couples in the throes of desire. The most sensuous of these groups was The Kiss , sometimes considered his masterpiece. The work, originally conceived as the figures of Paolo and Francesca for The Gates of Hell , was first exhibited in and exposed him to numerous scandals. Auguste Rodin. Article Media.

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Early life and work Rodin was born into a poor family. Facts Matter. The allegations were a testament to Rodin's technical skills, though the suggestion that he had somehow cheated heartily offended the sculptor, who was able to disprove the claim with photographs of his model. It was commissioned in as a set of doors for the planned Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, but the museum never came to be, and he never finished the sculpture to his satisfaction.

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It is believed that Rodin chose to draw on Dante's Inferno for the subject matter. It was a deliberate attempt to rival Lorenzo Ghiberti's famous bronze doors for the Baptistery of Florence Cathedral, the Gates of Paradise , the competition for which is often said to have initiated the Renaissance.

Rodin initially planned to split the composition into a series of panels, just as Ghiberti had done, but after looking at images of Michelangelo's Last Judgment , he opted for a more fluid arrangement of figures. When the plans for the museum were cancelled, Rodin's urge to complete the sculpture waned, and work dragged on.

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He exhibited a plaster version of the sculpture at an exhibition at the Place de l'Alma in Paris in , but it was not until , eight years after his death, that two bronze casts were created. Deriving from a figure at the top of the sculpture who gazes with melancholy over the hellish scenes below him, he represents Dante, the author of the Divine Comedy that inspired The Gates of Hell Highly influenced by Michelangelo, the figure also represents modern, secular man - strong in mind and body, but lonely and doubtful in the position he has created for himself as master of his own universe.

Although the seated figure is deeply lost in thought, the dynamic pose gives him a sense of movement. At first glance, the pose appears natural, but in fact the man's right arm on his left knee is twisted in an exaggerated fashion.

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Over fifty casts were made of this sculpture, which are today scattered throughout the world, making it one of Rodin's most famous works. Rodin also chose The Thinker as his tombstone. Content compiled and written by Julia Brucker. Updated and modified regularly. By using our site, you agree to our terms , and usage of cookies.

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Artists Auguste Rodin. Rodin stripped away many of the narative references to classical myth that were still attached to academic sculpture in the late th century and placed a new stress on the dignity of simple human moments.


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